Selling your home? Don’t waste your money.

How to spend LITTLE but sell BIG

When it comes to selling, there’s an age-old idiom that’s still a certainty of today: You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

And in real estate, the goal is ALWAYS to win a great first impression.

So if your home’s a bit lackluster and tired, you can bank on buyers to take immediate note of it – and for your market to swipe straight past your listing. 

But putting love into your home to achieve a top sale doesn’t necessarily mean spending big bucks. In fact, a last-minute renovation or dodgy update can achieve the opposite and be the reason why a buyer chooses not to purchase your property.

Even in a down market, you can add maximum value to your home without opening your wallet, through our list of *highly recommended* no-cost spruce ups below.

1. Get your gardening gloves on.

Gardens, lawns and natural greenery are a sure-fire way to bring life and warmth to a property. So if your gardens and plants are looking a little on the dead side, you can count on your offers withering away, too. Why? Unkempt gardens or plants can translate to a home not cared for – and that assumption can extend to the rest of your property in the mind of a buyer. So think neat, trimmed and thriving; Mow the grass, cut any overgrowns, weed and remove dead plants – and if you’re lucky enough to have flowers in bloom, save a trimming for the open home!

2. Give your interior + exterior a good bath.

Grimy bricks, dirty windows or marked walls almost certainly pay for themselves when cleaned; they are highly noticeable to buyers and are worth the extra attention. Walls can be brought up with a bit of sugar soap and elbow grease, while bricks and windows benefit from a hose down and scrub to look new. And if the budget allows, a fresh coat of paint can speak volumes – just keep it neutral.

3. For the love of a sale… remove the clutter.

While all the family heirlooms, stacks of fridge magnets and piles of old magazines might say ‘home’ to you, it won’t to your market. Clutter can hide the value of your property and seriously reduce the size and ‘feel’ of your home. Do an extensive clear out, and if in doubt, store it away.

4. If it’s ‘broke’, fix it.

Worn or damaged fittings can age a property, especially when it comes to squeaky doors, bent flyscreens or broken handles that are likely to be noticed at an open home. Most can be repaired or if completely tattered, replaced with a low-cost alternative – but if it’s something of a safety hazard, a new equivalent might be the way to go.

5. Respect your floors.

They’re grounding your feet, quite literally. And while floors may not seem as important, all it takes is a carpet stain or discoloured tiles to draw the eye down. Carpets can be easily brought up with a carpet shampoo, and tiles with a grout clean or regrout (for an inexpensive alternative, consider Selleys). If you’re confident that you have decent floorboards underneath a worn carpet, it may be an option to rip this up and polish or sand the floorboards… but make sure time is on your side before considering.

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