PrudentialFIX… a free service that’s ACTUALLY useful

Let’s face it, you can’t occupy a property without something breaking at some point. 

It’s a fact of living; taps leak with use, door hinges wear over time and the air conditioner pump always seems to blow right at the peak of a heatwave, of course.

But before you pick up the phone and call for urgent attention, an even quicker solution might be at your fingertips. And no, we’re not referring to mind-numbing Google searching or endless scrolling through forums.

Prudential Real Estate has launched a handy online management program, PrudentialFIX, to provide an even quicker turnaround for clients with urgent repairs or maintenance issues.

It’s a smart system that won’t just have you log your issue, but will offer an extensive database of appropriate tests and helpful solutions. And if that isn’t what you’re looking for, you won’t be left hanging – it also provides 24/7 communication with our tradespeople so that you get the right advice, straight from the field.

For tenants, it’s as easy as jumping onto our Campbelltown portal and entering your name, address and issue, where you’ll be able to access a probable solution and real-time support if you need it.

Master your home and try it today!