Get moving with Prudential ASSIST

Moving soon? 

Between packing and unpacking, organising furniture, updating your address and the never-ending list of everything else, there’s oodles to think about in moving abode. 

Add to that not having internet or electricity to charge your phone or call a mate for help, and you might find yourself in a pretty sticky situation.

But there’s an easy way to avoid ‘moving stress’ and to save yourself from weeks of planning – through our complimentary service, Prudential ASSIST.

From gas and electricity to cleaning and removals, Prudential ASSIST can make your move a complete breeze by having everything at your door plus all of your utilities connected on the day you move in.

It’s quick, free to use and as simple as submitting a request through our Prudential ASSIST portal. You’ll be linked with a personal moving assistant who can organise the right professional for the job and be there to help from start to finish.

Just tell us what services you need, and we’ll take care of the rest! Head to to start the process today.