Prime Living in Austral

There are many towns with historical significance that have graced our Australian history and made our country the great place that it is today. Many places have events that have helped to shape our great nation, even rural areas of Australia such as Austral. Austral is a small country area consisting mostly of farm area with a township. The area was settled in 1818 and was used mostly for farming, although in the 1920’s a soldier settlement scheme was set up but due to the Depression, this was unsuccessful. During the post-war years the most significant development was set up.
This area has remained mostly an area of small farms. Any development in the area is the subdivision of the township itself. Rural living has its advantages such as growing your own fruit and vegetables, maybe even have a few chickens to provide eggs. If you need a change, then you should have a talk to your real estate Sydney agent to see what is available around the Austral area. The area was originally settled by the Darug tribe who were driven off there land by British settlers when the first fleet landed in 1788.
The area was originally surveyed by Meehan in the early nineteenth century; he was brought over as a convict for his role in the Irish rebellion in 1798. Because of his training as a surveyor, he was appointed to an assistant to surveyor General Charles Grimes and later granted a full pardon in 1810 because of his work.
Features of Austral include Craik Park and the area sports one school. Since the mid 90’s the area’s population has remained relatively stable as has the dwelling stock. The boundaries of this quaint, rural town consist of the Sydney water supply channel in the east, Bringelly Road in the in the south, Kemps Creek in the west and the transmission line in the north.
This great little place has a lot to offer in the way of quiet and peaceful rural living, so why not have a talk to your local real estate Austral agent and see if you can grab a peace of rural paradise for yourself and your family. It is a great place to raise kids away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Austral is a great little place to settle down and raise a family or even to retire to. If you are looking for a place to do either of those things, then this is the place to come to.