Suburban Living at Blair Athol

Supporting a population of nearly 3000 people, the town of Blair Athol is booming. This charming town started out with the intention of being turned into a prime industrial area decades ago, but has instead been claimed as a suburban area. It is now being promoted as Campbelltown’s newest suburb. Three historical homes remain in tact, Blair Athol, Stone Cottage and The Kraal. These gorgeous homes will remain as heritage listed and the land below them will become a prime suburban residential area. The many streets around this area have been named for the historical buildings and colourful characters that graced the area.
Street names such as The Kraal Drive, Blair Athol Drive and Stone Cottage Place are among some of these. There was also a proposal to name some of the streets after two of the most fondly remembered pubs – Lacks Hotel and The Royal Hotel which were torn down in the 1980’s. Other streets have also been named for other buildings which had a historical significance to the area. Real estate Sydney developers have made an effort to keep these historical buildings alive in the naming of these streets.
With the growing population in Australia, more suburban areas are being developed; some of them even previously rural areas. Places like Blair Athol that combine the history and modern living together are places that you would be proud to raise a family in. Displaying our history proudly in amongst the modernization of this day and age is more acceptable by developers and investors these days then what it used to be. A lot of Australia’s historical buildings, instead of being torn down to make room for new and flashier homes, are not being protected and preserved for future generations.
The council agreed in June of 1992 to a rezoning of the area which opened up the door to developers. It was argued that the land could still provide good industrial employment in the future but others insisted that the area was better for suburbia given that it was close to transport and business. Eventually it was approved and development of the area began.
More then 300 people were employed when a company called Johnson and Johnson set up in the area and the grateful council named a road after this company. At the beginning of the 1990’s though this company closed its doors and centred its operations in Botany. Due to the lack of need for industrial property in the area the site remained empty. This prime real estate Blair Athol was then approved for suburban development by the council and is now a bustling community with some areas still in the development stage.