Ashcroft – A Developing Suburb

Sydney is a sprawling metropolis spread out over a huge area and containing numerous suburbs within its outer limits. Many suburbs are so large they are much like a city in a city and have administrations of their own. A large proportion of these suburbs was established many years ago and show their age by the housing that was built with early convict labour. Suburbs have been added to the city constantly through the years and many are reasonably recent additions to the list. Many suburbs have become home to our new immigrants, bringing with them diversity in cuisine, culture and religion.
Many older areas have been fortunate enough to have lovely old buildings from the time of the establishment of the city nationally recognized and protected under the heritage listing. This gives visitors an insight as to the beginnings of this capital city, and protects our heritage for future generations to enjoy. Real estate in Ashcroft is still being opened up by developers, creating new estates and suburbs while steadily expanding the city limits in order to meet the needs of a booming population. One of the reasonably newer suburbs is Ashcroft which was only established as late as 1972.
Ashcroft is one of the south western suburbs and is only thirty five kilometres away from the Sydney CBD. It was originally established as part of the Housing Commission’s Green Valley project, and was named after the Ashcroft pioneering family who were involved in meat wholesale and retail and the nearby Homebush abattoir. Notables who have lived in this real estate in Ashcroft area include politicians, singing and sporting stars. Ashcroft has a public high school and a public primary school which is multicultural and ranges for prep to year six. It has a breakfast program run through the Red Cross with a roll call of approximately two hundred and sixty five students. They also have a pre-school program with play group twice weekly.
For family pets there is an animal hospital and vet clinic available, childcare centres are available for working mums with small children who are too young for school. Miller shopping centre will cater for family needs and/or just a girl’s day shopping spree. For any item not locally available, it is only a short drive to the city CBD where you can shop and have dinner out or relax with a coffee while you are there. Of course you can pick up a Chinese dinner on the way home as there are three excellent Chinese restaurants available. As this is only a newer suburb more development is sure to be forthcoming in the future.