Does your Property Manager do this?

In the land of property investment, it can seem like everyone is offering much of a muchness. 

Shopping around can feel like comparing apples with apples, when in fact there are considerable differences separating the great from the bad, unknown to most property owners.

Which begs the question: what does a brilliant property manager offer?

Well if you’re new to property investment, you’ll likely regard a brilliant property manager as one who charges the lowest property management fees, period. Who wouldn’t?

But perhaps what you won’t see coming is for your property to sit vacant for days or even weeks on end, making it an expense out of your own pocket rather than the profitable, income-yielding asset that it should be… and that a better agent can turn it into.

A property sitting vacant is typically the result of a low-fee property manager who isn’t resourced to offer the same marketing, staff numbers, tenant databases, latest software or experienced know-how that a superior agent can. 

You really do get what you pay for; and if you’re in the business of making money, every dollar counts.

At Prudential Real Estate, we’ve spent over 30 years perfecting a premium offering that all of our landlords benefit from. But we don’t charge an arm and a leg for it. 

It’s not only for our extensive tenant databases and strict rent arrears policies that landlords choose us, but for all of the ‘extras’ included in our property management service at no extra cost – which may incur additional fees at other agencies. 

So you can say we’ve got good reason to lead in property management – just take the word of our landlords for it.

Here’s our real point of difference:

Exceptionally lower rent arrears (probably best in Australia! No kidding)

We have a strong reputation at Prudential for consistently achieving low rates of rent arrears (or of tenants ‘not paying up’), in addition to reduced vacancy rates and days vacant. How? With a dedicated leasing team that works around the clock to review procedures, eliminate obstacles and focus on tenants full-time.

Taking care of your records and utility expenses

Often an undervalued aspect of managing a property is having a property manager take care of expenses such as water, insurance and council rates. It’s not only an incredible time-saver for landlords, but also peace of mind in circumstances where you may experience an uncooperative tenant and require your agent to step in. At Prudential, we offer this service to our landlords at no extra cost.

Five-star communication

Where other property managers will have to look hard to remember your name, our team have you and your property as their sole focus, full-time. We’re in contact every hour of the day with tenants, landlords, tradespeople and other professionals to keep your property in working order, to prioritise your investment return and to reduce any risk to the most valuable asset that you’ll ever own.

So what’s first-rate property management worth to you?

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