Vacate Your Rental Property Properly

When it comes to the end of your lease in your rental at Campbelltown with our Prudential Real Estate office you might only be concentrating on getting into your new place. It is important, however, to make sure you consider everything when vacating and ensure you follow the right procedure to avoid any mistakes or upsets.
Vacating a rental properly means that you will get your entire bond back and leave with no ‘black marks’ against your name with the agent. Being a reliable and honest tenant is important if you wish to continue renting other properties or even if you will want a good character reference.
For ease of preparing to vacate here are a few items you will need to consider as you go along.

Cleaning and pest control

Once you have completely moved all of your items, furniture, et cetera, out of the premises an exit clean will need to be carried out. If there are carpets in the home these will need to be professionally cleaned and receipts provided as proof.
Generally, pest control will need to be carried out, too. However, if you are unsure then please check what is expected with our office. If you choose to do the rest of the cleaning yourself then this is appropriate.
Whatever professional services you are enlisting should be organised ahead of time to make sure they can be booked on the day your lease ends or shortly after so that keys can be handed back to the real estate manager.

Packing and moving

To make your packing stress free, organise yourself a plan of attack starting with the rooms and items you can do least without as moving day gets closer. Again, you can organise professionals to move and even pack for you. In many cases this can alleviate the stress of moving but consider first if this fits in with your budget.

Checking for damages

While you are packing and cleaning for the move, pay attention to any damage that may have been caused and what repairs are needed. Ensuring these are taken care of before you move will make life easier when it comes to getting your entire bond back.
You can read more about the vacating process in our vacating form page. This list will give you a more comprehensive idea of what is expected from our office. There is also a bond saver check list you can click on and print out so you can mark items off in the home as you go along.
Our team at Prudential Real Estate are here to assist with any enquiries you may have about the correct procedure for vacating rental properties, so give our office a call today.

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