Helping Us Hone Our Skills

There is no question that we believe that at Prudential Real Estate (more rent) we offer the best service known to our property owners both far and wide. Our tenants think we are pretty good too! The truth is that our combined knowledge, ability and skill make us a formidable team.
We believe that how we deal with any situation in its given moment is vitally important. Even conflict can bring about some very positive solutions.

Vitally Important – Customer Feedback

One of the best teachers in improving our business is customer feedback. You may or may not notice the little tweaks here and the little tweaks there that we have made, some of which have resulted from customer feedback as to how we can improve, or offer more.
Even though we think we have all the bases covered, you are more likely to know, understand, and remember the little idiosyncrasies of your property. For example, we manage a property at the bottom of a fairly large incline. Whilst water mitigation is in service, parts of the block can become particularly damp during the wet times.
Our customer has asked us to record and include information regarding this situation in our quarterly inspection report.

Thoughts Lead to Action

We have all been there, in a situation where we are reading a report and we say “Well why didn’t they tell us about this? _Or, “Why didn’t they enlarge on that?”._
These are the why’s we love to hear!
Why? Because it means we can give better and better service. Creating solutions is the best possible outcome. Your feedback helps us hone our skills. Your thoughts – and feedback – lead to our action!

Sydney’s South and South West – We’ve Got You Covered

With five offices covering Sydney’s south and south west, we have this whole sector covered. We are able to offer the best listings in the suburban, semi suburban and rural sectors. Want to move away from the hustle and bustle and go somewhere quiet and rural? We can help with your move out AND your move in! Talk about building relationships.
Don’t worry if you want to go the other way and move from a rural to more suburban lifestyle. We’ve got that covered too. Sometimes it’s nice to have everything close and have an easy distance to travel.

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