Property Management in Lurnea NSW

The original inhabitants of Lurnea, the Cabrogal people, gave way to the incoming British settlers in the 1800s and the area was previously named Hillview, later changing to Lurnea following WW1 when it was established as a settlement for returned soldiers. Each of them was given an allotment with a home but also enough land for a small farm, most likely with self sufficiency in mind. In the 1970s the area grew and developed into a residential area with the influx of many Vietnam vets returning from the war. With over 7,500 residents, Lurnea is situated 32km west of Sydney, surrounded by the suburbs of Liverpool, Cartwright, Preston and Casula.
Thoughtful property management in Sydney has ensured that most areas for concern are covered. Transport in Lurnea is provided by a bus service with different routes available throughout the suburb, and services linking with the Liverpool Railway Station for convenience for commuters. In the northern area of Lurnea, Hoxton Park Road provides easy access to the motorway to the city, and the Westlink M7 to North West Sydney areas. This makes it less stressful for the motorists who opt to drive themselves to their destinations rather than take public transport. Whether public or private, either method of travelling will get you there without a lot of fuss.
Shopping can be done at the Lurnea Plaza, which houses takeaway outlets, grocery supermarkets, barbers and hairdressers as well as an Australian Post agency. Other areas of real estate Ingleburn are businesses not located in the Lurnea Plaza, such as Shop and Office Fittings, child care centres, a Medical Centre and several parks, some for sporting activities and others offering picnic areas and a peaceful setting for families to enjoy a day out together. Take time out to visit the Memorial Park and the Reserve as well as you will find them worth doing so. Visit a different park each weekend and become familiar with them all.
Lurnea has a public primary school which opened in 1960 and caters for children from kindergarten age to year six, as well as a public high school taking students from year seven through to year twelve. This high school was opened in 1965 and has the added advantage of including a unit for the hearing impaired as well as an Intensive English Learning centre for ethnic students. For such a relatively new suburb a lot of thought has gone into providing the necessary infrastructure and even more. There is sure to be more to come in the future.