October 2016 Rental Market Update

Hi, Nick Giles coming to you from Prudential Real Estate. It’s been another big month for us, with 44 new tenancies signed after 181 tenants inspected our clients properties.Having worked in the real estate industry for more than a decade, the most common complaint I hear from investors is about poor communication from their agent.
As a landlord myself, I know I want direct access to information concerning my investment, and we want to provide this service to every client. At Prudential, we offer our landlords 24/7 access to our online portal, containing records of rental payments, lease agreements, statements, bills, tenancy history, and more!
Now ask yourself does your current agency provide you with this kind of transparency and convenience? Can you access your statements online to simplify your tax? Can you view every rental payment made by your tenant in the last 12 months, anytime? How about your repair history?
Contact me today on (02) 4628 0033 for more information on why you deserve round the clock access to information about your investment property.

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