November 2016 Market Update

Graeme: Hello and welcome to the November 2016 Prudential Real Estate Market Update. Today I am joined by Bobby Reynolds.
Graeme: How are you Bobby?
Bobby: Doing very well thanks Graeme.
Graeme: That’s excellent.
Graeme: Well to renovate? Or not to renovate? This is a common question faced by our owners in regards to putting the house on the market. The answer is, well there is no magic answer, it really depends on the property.
Bobby: What we have found from previous sales in Macarthur is that the best return on investment actually comes from cosmetic updates. Things such as fresh paint, new carpet, new blinds and freshly mulched gardens. Our advice is not to rip out the kitchen or the bathroom and instead invest your money in the smaller projects which are more likely to have a bigger impact and make your property appear neater and tidier.
Graeme: Trusted advice from your local real estate agent is crucial in this process. Make sure you speak to your agent before undertaking any major renovations.
Bobby: A great result achieved through our advice is at 9/4-6 Nardoo Street, Ingleburn where with a few cosmetic renovations including new floorboards throughout, fresh paint and a new vanity we were able to achieve a new complex record selling for a massive $395,000!
Graeme: Make sure you contact the Prudential team today for some advice and information on renovations to your property to get the best return on investment.
Bobby: Thanks for tuning into our Prudential Market Update for November 2016. We look forward to seeing you out and about this weekend at our open for inspections.

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