Lets Chat About Campbelltown

Campbelltown is an older suburb of Sydney, and one so large that it is considered to be a city within a city, (i.e. the city of Campbelltown). As such it is listed electorally as the administrative centre for the state district of Campbelltown in the Federal Division of MacArthur, and is surrounded by numerous suburbs. The area has a long history going as far back as the first fleet in 1788 long before settlement actually began. Grand plans were put in place for its development many times, but circumstances often necessitated them being put on hold. It was much later when Campbell-Town, now simply known as Campbelltown was eventually established.
For those people or investors who are interested in real estate Sydney with a historical background, Campbelltown is an ideal location to call home. With an estimated population of 147,460 in the year 2007, it is certain to have grown a lot more over the last 4 years. Due to its immensity local infrastructure covers all areas of need for the existing population, with adequate transport facilities, shopping centres, schools and more. With many beautiful buildings boasting architecture from a bygone age being heritage listed, it is an historian’s joy to see them preserved for future generations to enjoy.
Campbelltown and MacArthur Railways service a number of the suburbs and practically all suburbs are serviced by an excellent bus line. Because Campbelltown lies on the main road SW of Sydney, linking with the M5 Motorway, access to Sydney CBD, the airport, Liverpool, Goulburn and also Canberra is hassle free. Campbelltown Hospital is a large well equipped facility close to the southern extremity of the suburb, and services a large area of the population. Three public primary schools, plus a Catholic and an Anglican primary school takes care of the educational needs of the younger students. High schools are located in neighbouring suburbs, but there is also a Campbelltown High School of Performing Arts available where appropriate. With all needs provided in this area, buying up real estate Campbelltown makes a lot of sense.
For leisure hours, the sporty types have a wide area of choice, and will be suitably impressed knowing that many of our Olympic champions have come from this part of Australia. Get into Rugby League, Soccer, Cricket or Athletics and enjoy the great outdoors while meeting more people. Media in the area comes from its own two radio stations and also two local newspapers. There are numerous leafy green parks for family outings, one popular one located in the CBD and another popular one high on a hill with a great view over the city. Check it out and see if it’s for you.