Checking Out Cartwright

Cartwright, one of the numerous suburbs belonging to the city of Sydney, lies 38km south west of the city’s CBD. Owing to it being established only in 1972 the population is relatively small, with just over 2000 residents living there. Cartwright is surrounded by eight other suburbs and was included as part of the Green Valley Housing Estate in the 1960’s, and therefore has a mixture of flats and houses. Many streets are cul de sacs with pathways between houses created to enable access for pedestrians to other streets. As with all newer suburbs there is room for growth.
If you are considering investing or buying real estate Sydney in Cartwright, check out the local agencies in the area in order to get an overview of the area regarding property values, potential for financial security, and suitability for family living. If you are interested in setting up a business in the area, local council authorities could help you with all the necessary information on regulations and such. They are to be found in the neighbouring suburb of Liverpool and would be happy to assist you in your endeavour. An increase in residents and business makes for growth of the suburb, increasing the need for more infrastructures and creating employment as a result.

Available Transportation

Whatever the type of real estate Liverpool you are interested in, you will still need to have knowledge of transport availabilities in the area and connections to the city, especially if you are a regular commuter. Cartwright is serviced by a bus line which uses the T-Way bus lanes plus a Busabout service with four different bus routes and for those needing rail services the nearest train service is located at Liverpool station. Shopping can be taken care of in the nearby Miller shopping centre and Sydney CBD is also a short trip away for those wanting specific items or an evening of entertainment. The nearest hospital is located in Liverpool and medical centres are available in surrounding suburbs.

Educational facilities

For families with school age children, educational facilities and their whereabouts will be a definite necessity. Cartwright has its own public primary school, as well as MacArthur Community College which is conveniently situated within the primary school grounds. The school also has a dental service for the children. For those with older children attending high school, this facility is to be found in the neighbouring suburb of Miller just a short drive away by bus or car. There are a number of child care services to be found in neighbouring suburbs for those working mums with toddlers not yet pre school age.