Learning about the Suburb Leppington

Leppington was once home to the indigenous Darug people, was established in 1914, is situated 55km southwest of Sydney’s CBD and is listed in the 2006 census as having a population of 1900 residents. It was named after Leppington Park, the property of an early settler in the area who used convicts to build his two storey mansion and to work his farm. Although this was destroyed by fire during the 1940’s, some of its history was preserved by collecting usable bricks from the ruins and incorporating them in the building of the public school. Originally named Raby Public School this was later changed to Leppington Public School in 1955.
Transport is minimal at this point of time as the railway station and the line that will link Leppington to Glenfield is not expected to be finished until 2016 after construction beginning in 2010. The only available public transport is by a bus service running from Camden to Liverpool, with pick up points through the suburb. After slow growth in the 1990’s, the area saw a decline in growth during the years between 2001 and 2006, partly due to little housing being added to the area and a change in the size of the households becoming notably smaller. Surrounding rural areas have properties diversified with farms, vineyards and orchards still carrying out their early traditions.
In the area of Ingleburn, although having seen years of slow growth, is predicted to show more promise of future growth as development in the northern part of the suburb takes place. Leppington was mooted as a growth area for Sydney’s south west in 2004. Once the rail link is finalised, rail transport will most likely boost the population because of better access to other areas, and alternative freight options for businesses in the area. Property values will undoubtedly rise and make buying in the area a viable proposition for both investment and private living.
In other suburbs surrounding Leppington educational facilities such as primary and high schools, special needs schools, schools of different religious denominations, colleges and universities can be found. Travel to these schools would require a bus service or a trip in the family car. Leppington has a supermarket and general store, with other easily accessible shopping centres in neighbouring suburbs. At present this suburb has only one takeaway outlet that can be found online, but numerous others can be found in surrounding areas. All lacking infrastructure is bound to be put in place after the rail link is completed.