A Cameo of Beautiful Kentlyn

To look at Kentlyn now, one would never believe that it was once an area that was a shantytown, home to many suffering through the Great Depression. Originally inhabited by the Tharawal people for many centuries it has seen many changes over the years. From being the home of indigenous people, to becoming farmland for early settlers, then an area of low expectations for future prosperity through the Depression until being opened by developers for suburban housing lots with each block as big as two hectares it has since morphed into the beautiful, upmarket garden suburb it is today.
Originally named Kent Lyn the two names were gradually linked and as a result it is named Kentlyn today. Responsible property management Sydney has led to an area where each resident has needed space between them and their neighbours, and mansion like homes that give a Hollywood lifestyle appearance. Situated 58km south west of the Sydney CBD, Kentlyn had a relatively small population of 650 in 2006, but most residents were the recipients of high incomes as they were professional people such as doctors, solicitors, chemists, and business executives.
Despite the upmarket status of the area many of the streets were actually named after early residents who were given casual work during the depression to keep them surviving because of the community spirit that was in evidence in this area of real estate Ingleburn. Kentlyn has a pre school and a public primary school, but for higher education travelling to a neighbouring suburb is required. Public transport in Kentlyn is by way of the Campbelltown Busways service, and the closest rail transport is also in Campbelltown not far away. Campbelltown is also the nearest place for doing the weekly shopping or picking up special items unless the short drive to the city CBD is preferred.
Entertainment venues and dining are sure to need a trip to the city, but as that is quite close it is only a short one. As the saying goes, “One can’t have brains and beauty too,” in this case meaning what Kentlyn lacks in specific infrastructure, is more than made up for by the beautiful surroundings, and the peace and quiet that goes with it. Frères Crossing Reserve and the Kentlyn Reserve are local areas where one can go for an enjoyable family day out, something that is often missing in busy city areas. Picnics by the Georges River are a great way of de-stressing after a week at the office, school or home duties, so schedule this in on a regular basis.