Landlords Must Give Prior Notice Of Entry

Laws regarding rental investments have been changed to ensure the privacy of tenants while at the same time allowing needed repairs or maintenance to be done by the landlord or his agent. To ensure the tenant does not have the landlord appearing unexpectedly at the front door demanding entry to the premises, a landlord must give notice to the tenant prior to gaining entry. Once notice has been given a suitable time for both can be arranged for access, allowing the landlord or property manager to take care of whatever needs to be done. This makes it fair to both parties.
Changes in real estate Campbelltown laws have made for more harmonious relationships between tenants and landlords, with rights and obligations for both parties, making the process less one sided. Landlords or their chosen agents cannot just march into the premises with prospective tenants knowing the present tenants will be leaving at the end of the lease. They also cannot do this if they have suddenly made a decision to sell while the tenants are still in residence and their lease is not over, unless in both instances the landlord has the consent of the tenant, and this must be written. When entry is needed at other times the landlord must give at least twenty four hours notice. They are disallowed entry by law on Sundays, public holidays and between the hours of 6pm and 8am.
In the case of tenants causing damage to the premises and the landlord wishing to prevent any further damage, he may enter the premises with property management Sydney or the police without having to give notice at all. This gives the landlord the right to protect his investment.
Where a landlord has followed the legal requirements of giving due notice to the tenants of his intent to enter the premises, but the tenant is not agreeable, the landlord has the right to enter and carry out his purpose. Of course if there is a harmonious relationship between the two parties, the landlord may enter the premises anytime the tenant is agreeable.
In an ideal word harmonious relationships would be the norm, but sadly as this is not the case, organizations like the Rental Tenancies Authority have had to be formed to pass laws to protect the rights of all parties involved. When everyone abides by the rules it creates a more peaceful environment to live in and renting a better experience. Rental homes become a less stressful investment for landlords as well.