Selling Tenanted Investment Rentals

There would be nothing more upsetting to tenants than answering a knock on the door to find the landlord and prospective buyers there without even knowing it had been put up for sale. If the landlord suddenly decides to sell his investment home, he should immediately make the tenants aware of this fact and discuss having possible buyers being shown through it. Landlords do not have the right to barge in with people accompanying them whenever they want to. There are set conditions for this situation that landlords or their property management sydney agents must abide by if they wish to avoid penalties imposed on them by way of fines.
Firstly, the landlord or management must give adequate notice to tenants to give them time to seek new premises to live in, and time to remove their belongings. They are also not permitted to enter the premises without giving 24 hours prior notice of entry to the tenant, and the entry must be carried out at a suitable time for both parties. This is in fairness to the tenants and protects their privacy through to the time they leave the premises. When selling their rented real estate Sydney, a landlord would be wise to carry it out with consideration for his tenants to minimise the distress caused by the sudden upheaval in having to move sooner than they expected.
Open house inspections cannot be held while the tenancy is still in progress, without the written consent of the tenants. On Sundays and public holidays entry by the landlord or his agent and prospective buyers is not permitted, nor is it permitted in the hours between 6pm and 8am. This provides times of privacy and a degree of normalcy in the lives of the tenants. Another area of concern for tenants in these situations is the taking of photos of the home for marketing purposes which include the tenant’s personal belongings. This practice in selling real estate Campbelltown opens the door of opportunity to dodgy people who may wish to relocate those belongings by theft.
Fortunately this part of the sale procedure has been made illegal and landlords or their property management can be fined up to $2000 for doing this without the express consent of the tenants. When landlords understand their obligations to their tenants and carry them out throughout the whole sale process, the property sale will be less stressful for both parties with tenants being more co-operative and not trying to cause delays unfairly.