Fires Destroy Lives – Are You Prepared

As the cooler months start to approach, the danger of house fires caused by heaters, electric blankets and other devices increase dramatically. House fires are much more common than you might think and they can cause serious injury, death and destroy your possessions, so it is imperative you and you family are prepared.
Every household in Narellan should have a fire escape plan and practice it regularly. It should identify all the exits in your house and a designated location where family members will meet once they are safely outside. Here’s how you can create a fire escape plan for your family:
1. Draw out a floorplan of your home on a grid. The floorplan should mark at least two exits from each room. Include upper and lower levels. Each exit should be given a priority – for example, doors priority one and windows priority two.
2. Get children involved by asking them to identify the quickest and safest exits.
3. Decide on a place to meet outside the home. This can be called your Safe Meeting Spot.
4. Finally, practice the fire escape plan often and keep it somewhere handy, such as the fridge as a reminder.
After you have created a Fire Escape Plan, you and your family can safeguard your home in Narellan from the threat of ever having to use it. A few of the most important tips include:
1. Install smoke alarms in hallways and outside bedrooms. Test smoke alarms regularly and change the batteries when required.
2. Never leave cooking, heaters, open fires or candles unattended.
3. Keep any heating device at least one metre from any curtains, fabric or flammable materials.
4. Power boards should never be overloaded.
5. Do not use appliances with frayed or damaged cords.
6. Never smoke in bed, smoke outside instead.
7. Clean lint filters after every use of a dryer and remember to switch off irons, blow dryers and hair straighteners when not in use.
8. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children.
9. Educate children to hand in lighters or matches to the nearest adult if found, and praise them when they do so.
10. Install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket and know how to use them.
11. Never deadlock yourself inside a house. Keep keys in locks when you are at home including doors and windows.
In case of fire – “Get Down Low and Go, Go Go!”
If your clothes catch fire – “Stop, Drop, Cover Your Face, and Roll”
If you have elderly members of the family which live alone, it is important to give them a hand with changing smoke alarm batteries and to also encourage safe fire safety habits. There are special smoke detectors created for those with hearing impairments which are great at saving lives, so these should be installed if required.
By following these simple steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of exposing your family to the harm of a house fire. A tremendous amount of information can be found online regarding further fire safety tips for your family, simply visit and for more information.