Don't Get The Boot From Your Landlord

One disadvantage of renting is that the landlord may eventually want you to move out. This could be for a number of reasons outside of your control, such as their needing to sell the property or wanting to move in to it themselves. But sometimes, the decision to sell or move in could have been influenced by the tenants occupying the property. You can minimise the risk of this happening to you in a number of ways.
Firstly, you must always pay rent on time. It’s a common misconception that landlords are wealthy. Many of our landlords are in fact young people or small families investing in homes to prepare for retirement. As such, these people often give up holidays or live in shared accommodation to help pay their loans. As a result, tenants which pay rent on time are always appreciated and viewed as highly valuable.
Secondly, you must take good care of the Sydney property. If your home is well cared for, looks clean and yards are all maintained, the landlord’s mind is at ease – they know you are taking care of their investment. Inspection times are very important – your property manager in Sydney takes photos and sometimes video to show the landlord. If your home looks dirty, unmaintained or is in need of repairs you have not mentioned, the Landlord will begin to panic at the thought of their investment property being neglected.
Third, always ask for permission before changing the property. Hammering nails into walls or repainting a wall might seem like a good idea, but you should always give your Property Manager a call or risk an unhappy Landlord. Some of these issues could result in you losing some or all of your bond, so be careful and play it safe.
Fourth, while emergency or otherwise serious repairs are necessary, many tenants choose to take care of small maintenance issues themselves, especially if they have been living at the property for a significant length of time. On the flip side, you must report any problems or repairs you don’t plan on handling as they could get worse and become more expensive as time goes on. By taking care of the little things, your landlord will view you as an asset to their investment.
The fifth tip is one you may not have considered – your neighbors. If your neighbors complain about noise or rubbish being left to lay on the ground, your landlord may not be too happy. Many neighbors swap phone numbers in case of emergency and they could very easily call the Landlord and update them on the state of the home between official Property Management inspections. Keep the home looking great and your neighbors will have nothing but great things to say to your landlord.
If you haven’t rented before or if you are trying to become a better tenant, you can always speak with one of our Property Managers in Sydney for more information, they have over twenty five years’ experience in the industry and are more than happy to hear from any client. You can also start by looking over your leasing agreement – everything you need to know about your lease can be found here and it is a great starting point to ensure a smooth tenancy.