Why Use A Property Manager?

Investing your money in any venture has its risks. But a wise investor ensures that their risks are minimised as much as possible. When investing in property the easiest way to minimise your risks is to place your property in to the hands of a thorough and conscientious real estate agent in Macarthur, one who will look after your property as if it were their own. Our property managers in Macarthur always endeavour to achieve the best results they can by adhering to these guidelines.
1. We professionally assess the maximum rent level for your property.
Our staff have extensive experience in the accurate assessment of rental values in the Macarthur district. You will be made aware of all market changes that may affect the amount of rent you can expect for your property.
2. We market your property to ensure the widest choice of prospective tenants.
When you are faced with an upcoming vacancy we employ 7 different marketing
strategies to ensure your property is rented by the best available tenant
3. We personally escort every prospective tenant through your property.
It is the policy of our company that all prospective tenants are personally escorted through your property, often at open homes . We actively sell the advantages of your property to tenants – we do not accept key deposits and then simply, “hope for the best”.
4. We locate the best available tenants for your property.
Our marketing programme aims to find the best available tenant for your property. In many cases we are able to offer you a choice of tenants rather than recommend
the first tenant that comes along.
5. We check and double-check every application for tenancy.
Every application is thoroughly checked and double-checked for accuracy. Once
this is completed we will report our findings, recommend either acceptance or rejection, and leave the final decision to you.
6. We allow you the final choice as to the successful tenant.
In all cases we allow you the final choice regarding all applications for tenancy at your property. Yes, we will recommend either acceptance or rejection, but the final decision always rests with you.
7. We prepare all the documents required to commence your tenancy. All necessary documents required to commence the tenancy are prepared by Prudential Real Estate. These include the Residential Tenancy Agreement and the bond lodgement form.
8. We prepare a statement of all income and costs each and every month.
Our easy-to-read monthly statement is posted to you on the first business day of
every month – without fail. For clients who require payment twice each month a
corresponding statement can also be prepared.
 9. We bank your money prior to the first working day of every month – without fail. Your money can be banked into your personal bank account every month – this means that you can access the money as “cleared funds” immediately, no more waiting for cheques to clear. Some of our clients require payment twice each month and for that reason we can arrange electronic payment after the second and the last Wednesday of each month.
10. We supervise and control the frequency of rent payments on your behalf.
We closely monitor the rent payments of every tenant. Should any tenant fall behind with their rent payments our rent control measures are immediately put into place to ensure that both your cashflow and the continuity of your tenancy is protected.
11. We look after all aspects of maintenance at your property.
Everytime your tenant reports a maintenance problem you will be advised. If you wish, our team of tradesmen will correct the problem swiftly. On the same day, we will post you a copy of the work order and a confirmation of your instructions.
12. We pay all outgoings on your behalf.
Should you wish, we can attend to the payment of water rates, council rates, strata levies, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, mortgage payments etc – all at no extra cost.
13. We ensure the collection of water usage charges.
We have a collection system especially designed for water usage charges. This system ensures the collection of 95% of all water usage charges within 21 days of their issue.
14. We inspect your property to ensure that it is being properly maintained.
Our company has a system of property inspections – second to none. We guarantee an internal inspection of your property within the first 90 days of each tenancy (followed immediately with a written report of our findings); after that we will inspect the property as often as you choose, up to maximum of 4 times every 12 months.
15. We act swiftly to prevent loss if a tenant falls behind with their rent.
Our rent control systems act automatically should your tenant ever fall behind with their rent payments. Because of the way the Residential Tenancies Act in this state is written it is imperative that an agent act without delay in cases such as this – every delay could cause a property owner enormous financial hardship – our system is designed to eliminate losses.
16. We represent your interests at the Residential Tenancy Tribunal whenever required. Our staff in Macarthur and other suburbs are highly trained practitioners, able to present your case with convincing authority should we be required to attend at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.
17. We enforce decisions made at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.
Once a decision has been determined by the Residential Tenancies Tribunal our staff will enforce the decision – ensuring that arrangements to pay rent or to restore damage are fulfilled within the allocated time-frame.
18. We guarantee our work and we stand by our word.
We are so confident of the quality of our work that we guarantee our service to you. Should we fail to deliver on a promise or should we accidentally fail in our delivery of service we guarantee one month free of professional charges.
19. End of financial year statement every July.
At the end of every financial year we will prepare and issue an end of year summary for each of your properties. These reports are designed so that your accountant can easily prepare any personal taxation documentation that may be required at this time of the year.
20. Always available.
Our team members are available 6 days a week by phoning them at our office on 4628 00 33 . After hours our senior property manager is available on her mobile phone. You need never worry about your property again when we are available 24-hours a day.