Building Inspections a Must

There is no doubt that when it comes to accurate home valuations in Liverpool, Prudential Real Estate is top of the list. That is because we follow a tried and true method when assessing a property for sale.
With 25 years of service to the public under our belts, we understand the market and its ebbs and flows. This is just as important to take into account, as the more concrete evidence such as average median price sales and position, as well as what the individual property has to offer when evaluating it for sale purposes.
Whilst the best care and diligence is taken when measuring the worth of a property, we are not building inspectors. We do not crawl into the space under the house or into the roof. We are not manned with a machine or a sniffer dog that can tell us if there are white ants living in the walls We are also not able to inspect the plumbing or the roof of a property for leaks.
This is why it is so important to enlist the help of a qualified building and pest inspector when you decide to enter into a Contract of Sale for a home in Liverpool.

What Building and Pest Inspection can Do For You

It is easy to quantify a home and its value based on what it is offering on the surface. A building inspector WILL go into the crawl space under the house and he WILL go into the ceiling. They are experienced in sniffing out repairs that may need to be addressed in the near distant future and each service has its own way of detecting white ants.
You may choose to have this performed before making an offer or make it a special clause on the contract itself when making your initial offer.

The Power of Renegotiation

If by chance the building and pest inspector should find something that needs attention, it will be listed in a comprehensive report. Usually they can also give some idea of the cost to carry out any repairs.
You should not let this kind of news upset you or turn you away from the home of your dreams. All things can be fixed and if it really is the home you want to live in, this is your chance to renegotiate the terms of the contract to a more suitable price to cover the cost of these expenses.

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