Find Your Perfect Dream Home

Once upon a time, many buyers sought out the largest homes they could afford in Narellan– and home builders were happy to accommodate the demand. In fact, statistics from the Association of Home Builders show the average size of a new home has double in the last fifty years.
We have always placed value to personal space, so it makes sense we often try and “Upsize” to larger homes in Narellan. This may be fine for families which have had a growth in income, however if your income has remained steady you may not be able to afford unnecessary upsizing – especially if there is a change to future interest rates.
Downsizing is popular among the baby boomers now entering their retirement years. They no longer need to worry about living near a place of employment and often sell their family home to downsize to townhouses, duplexes or condos in Narellan. The remaining capital from their sale is often used to fund their retirement years. Often, smaller homes mean less maintenance and this is another factor to consider for the elderly.
In any case, if you are thinking of making a change, take a close look at your overall situation: current property values, lifestyle, finances, tastes and future dreams. We would be happy to show you how “rightsizing” in today’s market could help your dreams come true.

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