Wayne Browne: What I’ve learnt from decades of sales

‘Never assume. No matter what it takes, don’t assume anything about your clients or customers.’

Well and truly an established friendly face in the Macarthur area, both through real estate and a lifetime of coaching and playing sports, Wayne has never lost his competitive edge or desire to go above and beyond for his local community.

1. How many years have you worked in real estate?

I commenced with Michael on the 27th April 1992 – over 27 years.

2. Current role? 

Client Relationship Manager at Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown.

3. Your most memorable client story?

The most memorable are always the clients who trust and heed your advice. When an owner asks, what should I do now Wayne, you want to do everything you can and not let them down. Most recently I had owners in Ambarvale who originally bought their house from me, so asked me to sell it… due to the market they were selling for less than they bought, but they followed my guidance and we won a great sale in the end. They were in tears to make the move!

4. The best thing about working in sales?

I know it’s corny… but being able to help people achieve their dreams. Whether it’s buying or selling, everybody has a dream. 

5. One thing that’s taken you this long to learn about real estate?

To never assume. No matter what it takes, don’t assume anything about your clients or customers.

6. Something about the industry most people don’t know?

The big thing I believe is that more than 95% of real estate agents are good, decent, genuine people, who enjoy what they do and are always willing to help. The challenge is the mistaken belief that agents are crooks or wanting to rip people off. There are ‘cowboys’ in every industry, but real estate’s unfortunately one tarnished without good cause, and more people should know that’s not the case.

7. What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself just starting out?

Believe that what you do is worthwhile, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Always put yourself in the shoes of others to know how they feel. That’s the most important thing to succeed.

8. If you had known then what you know now, what helpful property tips would you give to your clients?

Buy and sell when the market is changing, not after it has changed. If you see the market going up or down, get ready to act immediately!

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