Using Light to Sell Your Home

Good natural light is one of a property’s main assets. But those home owners who don’t have windows facing the ideal aspect or whose living area is overshadowed by another building need not despair. Where there are challenges, there are solutions.
Colour is one of the obvious ways of lightening up. White or off-white are safe, but yellow is cheerful – it is after all the colour of sunshine! If you have dark painted walls and you don’t want to have to use two or three layers of colour-blocking primer over the dark wall to make way for the light colour, you can always just paint the wall a lighter version of the old colour – sky blue instead of dark, pink instead of burgundy.
Other things to think about:
What about a brighter light globe? Or diffused lighting? If you have a dark corner, use multiple lights pointed towards the ceiling and walls. This reflected light provides a soft, overhead glow which minimises harsh shadows.
Are windows more covered than they need to be? Could you cut plants back to let in more light? Could you open the curtains more?
Use bright textiles – curtains, cushions, throws.
Make sure your furniture is light in colour. Timber should be blond, not dark. Dark colours will absorb any light coming into the room and make it dark.
Are your windows clean? Remember cleaner windows let in more light.
Mirrors placed where they will reflect light from windows will make a room look bigger and lighter.
Look for finishes and surfaces which glow or have a dull sheen. Use semi-gloss finishes on trims and a satin finish on walls as these will reflect light and make the room seem brighter.
Use metal frames for paintings, mirrors, furniture and accessories.
Paint the ceiling even lighter than the walls. Either use the same colour as the trim (in matte finish, not semi-gloss!) or go one or two shades lighter than the colour on the walls. This makes the room look bigger too.
When you use light, use floor lamps that will shine the light up to the ceiling and will not only reflect off the pale colour, but will draw the eye up and give more impressions of vastness.
Carpet is cosy but doesn’t reflect light and brighten a home. Consider replacing it with wood or laminate in a honey colour.

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