Top Tips for Moving Families

With the average family now moving once every four to five years in Ingleburn, we all know what a stressful time moving can be. It doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your move in Ingleburn goes smoothly as possible.
1. Make a list and keep it updated
This is by far the most important step. By creating a list you can keep on top of everything and stay organised. Once you have finished reading this guide, make your own list and keep it handy.
2. Disconnect and Reconnect Services
Firstly, identify the services you have then add each one to your list. You can include the provider’s name, customer service number and keep a bill on hand in case they require account numbers or closing balances. Here is a short list of the most common services to get you started:
a. Home land line, internet and mobile phone providers
b. Water, gas and electricity
c. Pay TV
d. Insurance Company – remember to reassess your home and contents policies
3. Notification of your change of address
Make sure all companies which you deal with regularly know your new address. Collect and keep all recent bills, brochures and flyers to make a list of who you need to contact. A few examples include
a. Health Funds
b. Newspapers
c. Charities
d. Banks including credit card companies
e. Libraries
f. Doctors, Schools, Optometrists and Dentists
g. Your Local Council
4. Sort out Furnishings and Belongings
Organise a garage sale for items you no longer need or want. You can also contact a local charity to organise donations. Measure furniture and make sure you have a place for them at your new home.
5. Clean Your Home
Book cleaners for a final clean. If you’re planning on doing a final clean yourself, it is best to complete this once the majority of your items have been removed.
6. Expect the Unexpected
Check the weather of your moving day and adjust plans as necessary. Be prepared for unexpected surprises.
7. The Essentials
a. Make certain the hot water system at your new home is switched on and ready.
b. Double check utilities such as water and electrify are working
c. Pack bed linens, pillows and blankets separately so you can organise everyone’s first night’s sleep without hassle.
8. A few days before moving, create a “survival bag” with all of your essentials. A backpack would be perfect. Include a few toiletries, your purse or wallet and any other valuable or vital items you may need. Mobile phone chargers, snacks, a water bottle and a spare notepad and pen will all go a long way.
Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember to tackle one problem at a time and to jot down everything you think of so you don’t forget.

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