Tips For Renting To Tenants

Tenants in your property have guidelines they need to follow. As a landlord you have certain rights, but also certain responsibility regarding your investment property. These rules are outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and Residential Tenancies Regulation 2006. If you are every unsure of your rights or your tenants rights then it’s a good idea to contact your property management company in Sydney if you have one, or Tenants NSW. Here we will discuss what you can expect from your tenants and how a few maintenance and repair jobs should be handled and what they are liable to do.

Virtually like their own home

What renting a real estate in Sydney should mean is that a property is taken care of by the tenants as thought it were their own home. They are expected to maintain the rental in a clean manner. When a tenant is due to vacate, the property should be left in a similar condition to how it was on entry, allowing of course for fair wear and tear. Repairs in a home are important things to be taken care of as leaving them can possibly result in further damage. Therefore, if there is damage done or repairs required you should be advised quickly. If the damage is caused willfully by the tenants or anyone on the premises with their consent, then it becomes the responsibility of the tenant to have this fixed. Whilst your rental should be enjoyed by tenants and respected like it was their own, tenants are not allowed to carry out any renovations or alterations without your consent. As a landlord, you have the right to terminate a tenancy agreement and request compensation if obligations by the tenant are not being met.

Urgent and non-urgent repairs.

An urgent repair are items such as burst water service, blocked toilet, gas leak or break down of an essential services like hot water. These and other urgent repairs should be treated as such, urgently. Your tenant must advise you as soon as possible regarding these, make a note of all correspondence from both tenant and property manager. Repairs should then be carried out by a qualified tradesperson. For urgent repairs that are not considered urgent you should still receive notification within reasonable time. You can agree with the tenant if they wish to have repairs done themselves and reimburse them, but they must have your consent first and agreements should be in writing. Always carry out repairs on rental properties as tenants have a right to compensation and rent reduction.
Respect between landlord, tenant and property manager will ensure smooth sailing for property management in Sydney. You will enjoy the fruits of your labour if you know the rights of yourself and others and adhere to the laws and guidelines.