The great Christmas misconception

Should I really be selling right now?

The holiday season. It’s filled with as much madness as magic as we wrap up yet another busy year, in between planning for the next, surviving the party fatigue, finding the motivation to remain productive and blowing the gift budget (again).
So, is it really a good time to list your home on the market?
While the immediate response may be, ‘but I’ve just put my lights up… are you crazy?’, you may want to consider why right now is the perfect time to list your home.

Lack of competition

The common misconception about December is that buyers close their wallets and leave their property search to the new year. The reality is that there are less houses available on the market during December, leading to less choice for buyers. In fact, it is precisely this misconceived demand that makes the end of the year an excellent time to sell your home. Fewer property listings means less competition for sellers – and with plenty of buyers still on the lookout for their perfect home this Christmas, now could be the key to winning greater attention and a better offer for your property.

Leverage festive cheer

Let’s not forget that Christmas is the season for families to take time off, relax, reassess and plan for the future. With the right strategy, you could secure the best deal on your home by taking advantage of ‘holiday spirit’ and engaging with buyers who have more time on their hands and are in a better position to make that move.

Not all buyers go on vacation – or celebrate Christmas

Contrary to belief, the end of the year can be the ideal time for many people to search for a new home. Most who are looking to buy at this time will want to settle and move in before the new working year begins, which could mean a fast and rewarding sale for you – after all, wouldn’t you want to set up before BBQ season if you could?

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