The Flipside of the Coin

We have all heard that if we don’t get into the property market as soon as we can, we will not be able to get in at a later date.
It’s true that the property market is a forever evolving beast that usually entails the increase in value of just about everything.
The flipside of this coin is that most of us don’t buy a home because of its potential value in 20 or 30 years. We buy it because of our lifestyle choices. We want somewhere nice to bring up the children, be close to party central or work, or run some cattle and ride the horse.

Lifestyle Choices for Renters

Whether you are a fledgling leaving the nest or a long time property owner renting for the first time the first rule is to not stress about the dead money you are throwing away by paying for someone else’s mortgage.
Why don’t we focus on the benefits of renting? As the best property management has to offer we have dealt with people from all walks of life and we want to put your mind at rest that renting is not a big bad ogre.
Did you know that when you commit to renting a property you are only committed for a 6 or 12 month period? This means if you don’t like your neighbours or get that job in Abu Dhabi you are free to move on as you please. With the appropriate notice served of course!
You may want to live inner city but can’t afford to buy there. Renting is a perfect option to bring you close to bars, clubs, cinemas, and friends whilst leaving a little cash in your pocket to enjoy instead of putting it all into your mortgage.

No Hidden Extras

When you rent you know exactly how much living in a property is going to cost you every week.
There will be no council rates, body corporate, or insurances to pay – ever.
If the dishwasher, air conditioner or hot water system has a hissy fit – not your problem! Just contact us via phone or internet at and we will have a repair man to your door in a jiffy. We will handle everything including paying the repair bill. How does it get any better than that?
So remember. Don’t stress. Renting is easy and fun. Our friendly team at Prudential Sydney are happy to help. Why not try it?