The Best Methods for Selling Property

When you make the decision to sell your property, you naturally hope for the best possible outcome regarding the sale price. Making a profit on the home is always ideal, even a small one, and of course, nobody wants to lose money.
Keeping this in mind, there are a few methods to choose from when selling a property. Seeking professional assistance and advice in the area is a must and the experts at Prudential Real Estate in Macquarie Fields can offer you just this.
Prudential Real Estate have many years experience in the real estate industry, providing great property management as well as highly knowledgeable advice in the areas of buying and selling real estate.
The team at Prudential recommend one of three different selling methods and you can read these below.
One of their friendly consultants can discuss with you your best option after assessing your personal needs and the conditions of the current market. You will be given an appraisal at no cost and with no obligation if you live locally and all in the convenience of your own home.
Sometimes, the best way to sell a property is by drawing a crowd. For buyers who are genuinely interested in your home this creates a feeling of competitiveness and often the bid can keep rising. Leading up to the day of auction, a four-week marketing plan will be put in place in order for as many buyers as possible to hear about your home.
Buyers will have the opportunity to inspect at an open home, so they may be more inclined to decide sooner if they are aware that there is a deadline. Building inspections pest inspections need to take place beforehand and the buyer must sign an unconditional contract on the day, teamed with a deposit of 10%.
In light of the fact that the contact signed on the day is unconditional, buyers will need to have their finance approved and arranged before the day of the auction.
Prudential property launch
Here is where your property will get all the attention it needs from prospective buyers. After you decide on an asking price, with the advice of your agent in Macquarie Fields, intense marketing takes place. The first open home will be scheduled to happen two weeks after this time.
Interested buyers will be given the chance to make an offer in writing and negotiations can commence that very day. When a sale occurs there will be a cooling off period for the buyer and the contract will be subject to finance and all inspections being approved.
If for any reason there is no sale then a private treaty listing will be put in place.
Private treaty
Inspections will be conducted through occasional open homes or upon a buyer making an appointment. Over the initial period of about 6 to 8 weeks being on the market, the chances of a high sale price drops and the price may be negotiated down.
Once again, the contract will be subject to finance and approved inspections.
Whichever way you go, you can count on Prudential Real Estate to offer the best support possible in the sale of your property. For more information visit them online at