The 5 chores your neighbour is outsourcing (and not telling you!)

Tackling the endless pile of dishes, unclogging the drain of hair, cleaning the toilet of a meal gone wrong.

They’re called chores for a reason – and if the domestic art of ‘homemaking’ isn’t exactly top of your new years’ priorities, it might be time to swap a bit of coin for a lot of happiness.

After all, outsourcing work is no longer just a thing of big businesses. More and more time-poor Australians are becoming happier to spend some cash in exchange for time with friends and family, by freeing themselves of the ugly home tasks. Just ask the guys at booming Sydney startup Airtasker.

So if everyone’s keeping it a secret, what are the top chores being outsourced?


When all you want to do after a long day of work is hit the couch and not the shops, grocery delivery can be a real bonus. With Woolworths, Coles and other major retailers jumping into the world of online shop-and-delivery, along with an ever-growing host of Australian meal plan and delivery services, it’s now becoming easier than ever to save valuable time and money at the click of a finger.

See: Marley Spoon, Hello Fresh, Youfoodz, Dinnerly, Nourishd


With all there is to making a home liveable, outsourcing to a cleaner can be a real time saver. Whether the kids’ sporting commitments are leaving you with no weeknights, it’s killing your back to clean the oven or armies of pet hair are swarming your rental right before inspection, a cleaner can be a serious lifeline for a one-off task or continual help.

See: Airtasker, UrbanYou


Are weeds raining on your parade? It’s time to hire that gardener. And unlike other household chores, a beautifully manicured front garden can add some valuable curb appeal that could have you seeing dollar signs when it comes to selling or renting your property.

See: Airtasker, Jim’s Mowing, Procutlawns


If you’ve just purchased a stack of furniture with four flights of stairs to get the couch up, rather than wait until a mate has the day off to help, why not send a quick request for help with a price offer you’re willing to pay. Australian startups are connecting people based on location in need of help moving furniture – so for as little as $30 a day, you might just meet a person in your own street willing to share a helping hand! And if you’re a client of Prudential Real Estate and moving into a new home, don’t forget our complimentary service Prudential Assist.

See: Prudential Assist, Airtasker, Gumtree, MoveYourself


Okay, so while it’s not exactly outsourcing to anything but a battery pack and charger, we couldn’t leave this one out. Starting at under $100 (or much less for savvy Catch of the Day shoppers), these little guys can have you multitasking like a pro. Or better yet, catching up on some Gogglebox while it tackles the pet hair at your feet.

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