Sydney Sellers Have Upper Hand

If you are considering whether now is a good time to list your property for sale in Sydney the answer is a resounding YES!
Recorded levels of stock availability have shown a marked decrease in the last few months, which means there are more buyers out there then there are homes for sale in the Sydney and surrounding areas.
This is great news for Sydney sellers and certainly the right time to list.

Know the True Market Value Before You Buy

As professional real estate agents in Sydney, we understand the frenzy that can overtake some people in their quest to buy that perfect home in this kind of environment.
This is why it is imperative to select an agent such as ourselves at Prudential Real Estate to help guide you through this diverse time.
Naturally, as a homeowner you are looking to achieve the best price possible, and as the Vendor’s Agent it is our responsibility to satisfy this need. We spend a lot of time considering a property as well as the owner’s desires and what the market is telling us, before we set about marketing it.
The truth of the matter is that as experienced agents we walk a fine line between vendor and buyer. We spend just as much, if not more time with a buyer. This is a necessity if we are to understand their needs and find that perfect home for them so it stands to reason we want the best for them as well.
This is why it is important for all parties to do their homework. Pay attention to the market and see what similar properties are selling for.
As a vendor it is necessary to be realistic about what you might expect for your property. Whilst the market is buoyant this does not mean that an overpriced property will sell if there is a competitive price option around the corner.
Likewise, a buyer in this market needs the steady guidance of experience to help them achieve their goals.

Honesty and Straight Talking Builds Trust

With decades of experience working in this area, Prudential Real Estate Sydney have built a reputation of honesty.
This is due to our being completely open and talking straight with you about your expectations.
We have four offices strategically positioned to cover Sydney’s south-west region. Whether you are looking to buy or sell in this area we are able to supply a wealth of information and experience.