STYLING TO SELL: Is it worth it?

Have you or someone you know sold recently? Then you may have encountered ‘the good ole days’ convo.

It usually starts something along the lines of, my god, listing your place today is not like it used to be… none of these fancy cushions or big cameras.

You stuck a sign in the yard and an ad in the paper. Didn’t even have to clear the dish rack for the open – and it sold.

Now it’s even some person’s job to write about your home.

Yep, it’s true. Hello 2022, where there’s much more ‘noise’ around selling your property; display furniture, throws, artificial plants, curated art, carefully positioned glassware, drones – you name it.

But as excessive as the effort may sound, it’s for good reason. Using a stylist to improve the ‘saleability’ of your home – while still a relatively new concept in Sydney’s market – is now a commonly adopted means of achieving a higher sale price.

And that’s because we’ve reached an era where presentation is everything.

It’s a proven fact that professionally styled homes can achieve competitive interest (and therefore, a higher price) over other properties on the market; after all, every home seeker wants to see a property that appears fresh, ‘loved’ and ready for the next owner… as opposed to one that looks tired, unkept, and, well, overly lived in. 

So what does it involve? If you’re gearing up to sell, your agent can put you in touch with a professional stylist to provide advice on how to maximise the appearance of space and light in different rooms, to draw attention to desirable features (or distract from unfavourable ones), and to create a visual impact during an open home. 

This typically involves hiring display furniture to create that ‘wow’ factor – and by all accounts, it works. In fact, when it comes to styling, many agents swear by the 10 to 1 return rule; that is, spend $3000 and expect around a $30,000 improvement on the final sale price. 

So yes, fluffing those pillows could quite literally be making you money.

If the key is appreciating how a buyer will view it, then it’s not surprising as to why buyers are much more likely to open their wallets to a home that’s professionally styled and appears ready to live – and why more and more sellers are turning to this service to shine a spotlight on their property.

Selling your home can often be a frustrating maze. But our decades of local experience means we can put you on the right path to a successful sale – without the headache and stress. 

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