Should I allow tenants to keep a pet?

Obedience training, vet bills, countless ‘mistakes’ and unconditional love. That’s pet ownership a feature of more Australian households than ever before. The Australian Veterinary Association conducted a study in 2013 to estimate that there were 25 million pets in Australia and that 5 million of the 7.6 million household had a pet.
Yikes! That’s 65% of all household in Australia that have a pet (and maybe more than one). In fact, you may have a pooch, friendly feline or feathered friend in your household. This also means that 65% of all tenants have pets.
So as a landlord, should you allow pets? Every landlord is faced with this very important question as they wonder if a tenant with a pet may damage their property more than a tenant without a pet. After almost three decades of managing properties in the south-west of Sydney we can say there is no evidence this assumption is based on fact.
For some people pets are no less than members of the family. They love them with all their heart. Read the rest of the article and learn more about the pros and cons of allowing tenants to keep a pet on the property.

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