Sell Your Property Quickly and for More Money

Once you have decided to sell your home, it is important to select the right agent to do the job. There are many things involved in the proper marketing and presentation of your home that a good agent can help you with.
When interviewing prospective agencies to market your property it is essential to ensure they have the integrity and expertise to back up their claims. Some things to ask are how long have they been licensed to sell real estate and how long have they been in your particular area? What sort of commission do they charge? How much will advertising your property cost?
Reputable property management, such as Prudential in Ingleburn, will be able to offer you information on what is selling in your area and how much properties of your type are selling for, as well as a range of what you could expect to achieve in the sale of yours property. They will be able to provide the names of past clients for you to contact and offer a marketing schedule to suit your budget and property needs.
A good agent will have contacts to a great photographer who knows all the secrets to ensuring your property is presented in its best possible light.
Great Service just gets Better and Better
The Prudential Group has been operating since 2011, but each individual office in the group has been around for much longer. The Ingleburn office has been established since 2000. They are able to offer a 5-star service and the agents have a very wide knowledge base of the area.
Their team of property management specialists are not only able to supply thorough research of your area but also offer great tips to help guarantee your property is presenting its best profile.
They will be able to offer advice on the small things you can do to improve the chances of achieving the best possible price for your property. Their “73 Quick & Easy Fix-Ups to Sell your Home Fast and for More Money” guide will highlight doing small things like replacing the door handles on your kitchen cabinets or perhaps changing the taps in your bathroom. There are a myriad number of ways to subtly improve the look of your home and bring it up to speed and highlighting its best features.
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