Same mould story

The organic material you don’t want to be growing.

So, we’re at the end of that tough Australian winter after months of quarantining ourselves indoors to hot showers, heaters, humidifiers, coughed-up germs and maybe a tea (or hundred). The condensation cascading those walls will likely solve itself in summer, right?


In fact, it will take the same amount of time for mould spores caused by excess moisture to leave your curtains as it does your lungs… never that is, without significant treatment.

To prevent the musty buggers from dampening your mood this winter, check out our best tips below that are guaranteed to break the mould cycle.

  • Use every opportunity possible to ventilate your home by opening windows and doors during the day, or when it is warmest
  • Clean exhaust fans of any build-up that may prevent them from providing proper ventilation
  • Always turn on exhaust fans when showering or cooking, and open any windows near steam if possible
  • Wipe down wet areas immediately, such as condensation on doors or windows
    Allow as much sun into your home as possible
  • Discard mouldy items or food that could cause an outbreak
  • Regularly clean carpets and materials
  • Keep moisture absorbers in wardrobes or places that are dark

Did you know
Untreated mould can cause serious structural damage to a property and breach a residential agreement alone, if left unaddressed by the landlord or tenant.

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Health NSW Mould Fact Sheet
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