Real Estate Market Boosted by Spring Listings

Spring is that time of the year when householders mark the end of winter by starting major house cleaning projects in Ingleburn. They get the carpet cleaners in, clear out the cupboards and wardrobes to fill the charity bins and do a complete de-clutter. For some reason not supported by consistent sales figures, they also decide to put their houses on the market.
Here at Prudential Real Estate we observe this behaviour every year and are a little bemused. It is always encouraging to see this activity by sellers listing new properties and there is no doubt that buyers are also out and about, attending auctions in increased numbers and making enquiries. However, there is no consistent pattern that supports a substantial sales spike in spring.

Economic Activity and Pricing Key to Sales

What the activity does is get the market in shape for the real selling season, which is actually summer for resale dwellings and the first part of the year for new homes. Economic activity is the key driver with supply and demand still setting the pace. Making sure that your property is priced correctly is also very important, with over-priced properties languishing on the market for months.
Our professional sales people are very realistic with their estimates of house values in Ingleburn. When sellers list their properties with our agency, they can be sure of getting reliable home valuations. There are two things that will slow down the sale of a property and one of them is an unrealistic expectation by sellers of the price they feel they should get for their properties.

Presentation is Everything

The other is the way the property is presented to the market. Every day we see examples of less desirable properties in terms of size and location that outperform bigger and better positioned homes, just because they look more inviting. We always advise our sellers when they list with Prudential Real Estate to do everything they can to make the property attractive, without going overboard and spending too much.
With the front fence painted, gardens weeded, lawns mowed, and the outside washed and sparkling, we can at least get a buyer in the front door. The presentation inside must be just as thorough. Everything, especially the kitchen and bathroom, must be clean, tidy and fresh. Wash windows and floors, remove old curtains and blinds, finish off any handyman jobs left incomplete and remove every piece of clutter and unnecessary furniture.
Sellers who follow these suggestions will have done all they can to get offers on their properties in Ingleburn. The rest is up to the market and their agents. To see what we can do for you, visit and check out our selling tips.

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