Pointers to Look for When Choosing a Property Manager

All property owners in Campbelltown want to get the best return on investment they can when they rent their property out to tenants, but they often have concerns following media stories about the tenants from Hell. Smashing up the property, not paying rent, and occupying the dwelling for months while their eviction is processed is only a sampling of some of the problems that have occurred. Nobody wants their property to be the next target, so choosing the right person or agency to manage it is vital.

Are There Specific Things to Look For?

This brings the owner to the next issue. How do you choose a property manager who will look after your investment and take the time to find good tenants? What are the stand-out attributes that identify an agency or an individual as the most professional? This is not as difficult as it sounds as there are a few clues that can point the owner in the right direction.
A reputable and professionally run property management agency in Campbelltown understands that to provide the best value to their clients, the property owner, they must attract and keep the best tenants. They must also make sure the owner receives their rental payments and statements on time, and that the statements are in a format acceptable to the taxation office. Finally, they must attract, train and retain quality staff, not only to manage the client properties but also to run the administration and accounting aspects of the business.
Efficient management systems allow the agency to use the latest technology when processing tenant applications, checking references and credit history. Computerised systems allow for the regular scheduling of property inspections so they aren’t overlooked. This is essential to keeping the property in good condition which, in turn, helps to attract good tenants.

How do they Select and Train their Staff?

The other side of the property management equation are the people they employ. Property managers often see the worst side of human nature when they are going about their daily tasks. It takes someone with a cool head, sound knowledge of tenancy legislation and the ability to manage conflict without escalating a difficult situation. Being able to communicate with people from different social and ethnic backgrounds is important, as is sound organisational skills. A sense of humour doesn’t go astray, either.
The real estate agency will have regular on-going training for both its property and administration staff to keep them up to date with legislative changes, and to feel confident using the management systems and software. They will provide mentoring and personal development opportunities, and have a salary structure that rewards effort. Staff turnover is a common indicator of how the agency treats their staff. If people have been in the same role for a number of years, it’s a fair bet that they are happy in their jobs and that they have a supportive manager.
The final place to check the credentials of any property management agency is their website. It should be up to date, with professionally presented photos of properties for rent, information for both tenants and owners about their systems and testimonials from satisfied clients. It’s not difficult to change agencies if you are not getting service, good rental returns and top tenants.