Permission Required when Living in Rentals

Tenants are expected to take their role seriously when it comes to tenancy
agreements and even though as a renter they have many rights, they don’t have
the right to make changes, additions or repairs whenever they see fit.
There may be instances of course when repairs or renovations are required
but these can’t just be carried out by the tenant. If you’re after a better idea
of what these might be, keep reading to learn some more about renting.
Any changes you make to the property, big or small, can either increase or
decrease the value of it. So regardless of if you are willing to spend your own
money to make the changes, the owner still needs to give permission regarding whether
or not you can make the changes.

Minor adjustments

Tenants may wish to make changes to a property in Liverpool such as the plants in the
gardens or hang pictures by adding hooks, which may seem like a reasonable thing
to do, but you still require permission to do this.
If it’s just a matter of putting pictures up on the walls, then be smart and
use the adhesives that are removable and that won’t damage paintwork or
wallpaper. If you wish to add a few extra plants, then it’s a simple matter of
contacting the real estate office that you rent through and ask them to get permission from the lessor.

Major adjustments

If you decide that the kitchen bench is worn out a little too much for your
liking or the bathroom recess needs changing and you consider yourself to be a
bit of a handyman, it doesn’t matter; don’t do it. The same goes for all other
kinds of renovations or repairs.
Again, getting approval first is necessary, especially if it is an electrical or
plumbing repair. These will need to be carried out by a professional to ensure
that all work is done correctly and will not be a risk to anyone residing on the
The same goes for wanting to paint a new colour or change the flooring in the
home, even if it is an obvious improvement, permission must be sought and
There are many more scenarios in which you must get permission before you
make any changes to a rental property in Liverpool; therefore, if you are unsure of anything,
always check with your property manager first.