Nick Gauci: 10 things I’ve learnt from opening a real estate office

“I’m backed by fellow directors in the Prudential Real Estate brand who have walked the same journey… and who I can rely on for mentorship. Their values align with mine and there’s a real team culture at Prudential.-Nick Gauci

It’s no secret that starting out as a young cadet in property is a tough gig. 

But for Nick Gauci, the decision to enter the world of real estate over a decade ago came naturally, along with the will to secure listings, establish a name in the industry and form lasting relationships with the local community.

And it’s a decision that has since rewarded Nick with an accomplished franchise and loyal clientele that he can call his own, as Director of Prudential Real Estate Narellan – an office he built from the ground up through a fresh approach to real estate and unwavering passion for connecting people with the right property.

Starting from the bottom before rising through the ranks, Nick has moved from strength to strength at Prudential Real Estate and is now the youngest director to open an office within the franchise. Here he shares his top 10 career lessons and hopes to inspire others to consider a supported partnership with Prudential.

1. Dream big. 

“Set audacious goals that are going to challenge you to keep setting the bar higher”.

2. Connect with the right people. 

“The quality of the relationships you have – with staff, clients, business networks, suppliers etc. – is critical”.

3. Work hard. 

“You give life to whatever you give energy to, so make it count”.

4. Be a positive leader. 

“A company is defined by its people; people create culture, culture creates a working environment and it’s this that will move your vision and ideas forward”.

5. Keep moving forward. 

“The future is going to be better than the past and you have the power to make it so”.

6. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

“Stay hungry but also remain humble in business”.

7. Don’t procrastinate. 

“Just do it…is it going to be ‘day one’ or ‘one day’?”

8. Learn from your mistakes. 

“Things don’t always go your way and there will be tough days! What’s important is how you react to challenges, what you learn and how you grow.”

9. Focus on improving. 

“You have control over making today better than yesterday.”

10. Actively look for inspiration. 

“Have mentors and role models that you can feed off and be motivated by.”

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