Neat And Tidy May Not Be Enough

Once you have made the decision to list your home for sale, naturally you want the best price that the current market will allow. To do this you must present the property in its best possible light. By highlighting its features and diminishing anything buyers may perceive as negative, every house has an opportunity to shine.

Extra Buyer Appeal for a Stand Out Property

A neat and tidy property always appeals, but to attract a buyer that may have looked at a dozen other properties, yours must have something extra that makes it stand out. Experience tells us that for a little work and a small investment, there are other things that can be done to give a property that extra buyer appeal.
Our sales employees at Prudential Real Estate have guided many sellers through the process of presenting their homes for sale. Over time we have learnt a few tricks, and seen how a little imagination can get a jaw-dropping reaction from buyers.

Quick Tricks for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two main areas that buyers know are expensive to renovate, so money spent to take these rooms to the next level will be noticed. Your kitchen may already be modern and tidy, but there is nothing like stainless steel to create the appearance of understated luxury. Install new stainless steel appliances and update the splash backs with either glass or stainless steel for an extra lift.
An older bathroom in good condition will benefit from respraying the tiles, bath, shower recess and basin, especially if the existing colours are old-fashioned. This immediately removes any stains, whitens the grouting and transforms the appeal of the area. Replace any shabby mirrors with sparkling new ones, and update the tap wear and shower heads.

Professional Staging Will Reap Maximum Dividends

Staging your property for sale is critical. Minimal furniture, lots of light and clever use of colour co-ordination among the various furniture pieces, accessories, blinds and flooring, all combine to create the effect of stylish, contemporary décor that looks like it belongs in a magazine. Sellers who lack the confidence or skills to do this on their own, can hire professionals who will also provide hire furniture to lift the whole interior to the next level.

A Yard Makeover is the Final Touch

Hiring a landscaper to update gardens and pathways, and trim trees and shrubs will also lift the yard. A couple of interesting touches like garden seats and water features will match the excellent work that has been done inside the house. With both the inside and the outside now synchronised, your property will not be on the market for long.

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