Meet Melyn – our dedicated virtual assistant!

Above: The Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown team, with Melyn Bandibas (pictured in middle with glasses)

Innovation in technology and business have always been a vital part of how we operate at Prudential Real Estate.

In an age where social media and digital communications are ‘king’, we’ve learnt to be solutions-driven by thinking outside the box, which has proven as rewarding as successful.

And we’ve seen no greater an opportunity to do this than by tapping into the new global market of ‘virtual assistance outsourcing’ – consulting an offshore partner for internal administrative support.

Met with the task of streamlining our property management systems, virtual assistance has provided the perfect solution for us. It has reduced the burden of our day-to-day property management admin and given us more time for what’s important – our customer service.

Melyn Bandibas is both a part of this growing market and a member of our much-celebrated virtual assistance team at Prudential Real Estate. Last week we had the pleasure of catching up with Melyn about her work; she joined us at our Campbelltown office all the way from the Philippines.

What have you most enjoyed about your time in Australia?
Melyn: It’s my first time outside the Philippines and Australia is really nice! It’s been great to meet the team at Prudential and get a direct insight into properties, inspections and other tasks, as well as other things like open homes which I’ve been going to.

What does a regular working day involve?
Melyn: Since 2016 I’ve worked remotely with Prudential. The tasks are always varied, but I mainly focus on bookkeeping and support for the property management and leasing team.

Have you learnt anything that you didn’t expect?
Melyn: I’ve learnt that real estate is a big industry in Australia! It also surprised me how friendly and close the team are at Prudential. There isn’t a sense of hierarchy, you can talk to anyone and the dynamics are very different. Everyone works together and it’s a lovely environment.

What is the real estate industry like in the Philippines?
Melyn: It’s very different. In most cases, people go to property landlords or sellers directly if they are interested in a home, there usually isn’t a middle person to manage it all.

What do you enjoy about your work?
Melyn: I love that I’m working in the future of business. I mostly enjoy helping with tenancy applications, but the variety in my work is the best part. No day is the same!