Living in West Hoxton

West Hoxton has not been around for too long – the most significant development began in the late nineties. Between 1996 and 2001 the area expanded quite quickly and the population increased by more than times its original size. For the next five years the growth continued at a rapid pace.
This is a residential area and reaches from McIver Avenue in the north to Bringelly Road in the south. Cowpasture Road and the Sydney Water Supply Channel provide the other two boundaries. There is a slight overlap with the southern part of Middleton Grange. It is a relatively small suburb of Sydney – about 40km away from the city centre. There are sufficient bus services linking the area to the CBD and a well-developed infrastructure. There are schools in close proximity.
The area is very popular with younger couples and small families – most homes have around three to four residents. There are not a lot of properties available to rent in this area – almost three quarters of residents own their homes as opposed to renting them. There are also not a lot of flats or townhouses here – almost ninety five per cent of the buildings are detached homes. This does point towards a gap in the rental market and the market for flats or semi-detached housing. Cognisance should however be taken of the fact that the average age of residents is 29 – these are mostly young couples or those with families. If you consider building flats or semi-detached houses, you need to bear in mind that bachelor pads will probably not do well here.
The movement in the property market has tended to move along similar lines to the rest of the region with an average growth rate overall of 4, 3%. Houses tend to stay on the market for a bit longer than in Liverpool as a region but the median selling prices tend to be higher. These points to West Hoxton being a very desirable area with slightly higher purchase prices. It also points to the appearance that most people tend to settle in here for a long time.
The area is noted as having had the famous Australian artist Wendy Paramour living there. As regards leisure activities, Lake Francis falls under this area and there are several nice parks making this an ideal suburb to raise kids in. The suburb is generally a safe and well-developed one with a number of good eateries.