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Named after a local family, Prestons was officially named for them in 1972 when their names became synonymous with the local post office that they ran which was then situated on Bringelly and Ash Roads. This suburb has a population of approximately 12,800 residents and is located 37 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s CBD. Many pioneers, explorers as well as many others had a great impact on shaping Australia and its history into the proud nation that it is today. There are many great suburbs that were named after famous people in our history and many that were named for people that helped to create a part of Australia, from a simple postal family to some of our more visible explorers that were instrumental in founding many areas of our great country. Searching through a property management Prestons available properties is one way to gain a great investment.
There are many agents including real estate agents in Sydney who can help you to find the perfect investment property or family home and Prestons is a great place to live. Prestons boasts some of the best private schools as well as Dalmeny and Prestons Public Schools. The Prestons Cricket Club which was founded in 1968 operates out of Amalfi Park. There is also an excellent Little Athletics Club in the area for those families wishing to move to the area with athletic children. This operates on a Friday night from Ash Roads new park.
While there is no train service to Prestons, there is a fantastic bus service that runs regularly to Liverpool which is a major business and government area via various routes. The M5 also provides access to and from the city, making for easy access to the CBD. Preston’s Shopping Village also provides access to groceries as well as specialty and clothing stores, chemists and other such conveniences. This is a great place to raise a family out of the rat race while still having access to the city. With so much convenience at your fingertips, what more could you ask for?
If the suburb of Prestons has caught your interest then you need to get in touch with a property management professional who can help you to gain the property you are after. They can provide you with a list of houses available for sale or rent in the area, allowing you to browse through and find the perfect premises.
Whether you are looking for a rental property in Sydney, an investment home or a family home let the professionals help you to find what you are looking for. With all the resources at their finger tips, why wouldn’t you allow the professionals to help you?