Leppington – Poised To Boom

The beautiful, rural village of Leppington, situated west of Sydney and south east of Campbelltown on the M5 at Camden Valley Way, is poised to boom!
Its history lies in the hands of the local indigenous peoples, the Durag.
Leppington was originally named Leppington Park after a property that was granted to early settler William Cordeaux in 1821. He employed the use of slaves to build his mansion. Unfortunately, it burnt down during the 1940s.
We are lucky to claim that some of the better bricks from this mansion were put to good use as part of the construction of the local public school. Another piece of history was preserved in some small way. Sadly, Leppington has not yet achieved is full worth. One of the reasons for this is its lack of public transport.
So, why do we think Leppington is poised to boom you ask?
Infrastructure Is Coming and Very Near
In 2010 construction began on a rail line between Glenfield and Leppington. This project is set for completion in 2016. The bustling junction station of Glenfield is just 36 minutes from the domestic airport, 30 minutes to Parramatta, and an hour from Central Station.
Prudential Real Estate believe that once the Leppington Station is open, the floodgates will also open. Maybe with a trickle at first but increasing as those who are craving a quieter rural life or just want to get away from the smog of the city will relocate.
Workers from the airport will find this beautiful leafy suburb more attractive as will others from the surrounding schools and universities.
Potential Plus
Whilst this township was acknowledged as part of Sydney’s South West Growth Centre in 2004, this has been a long time in coming to fruition as we await the construction of infrastructure and more accessible public transport.
What is important is that other major infrastructure such as schools, doctors, shopping centres, parks and the like have already been established. This is why we believe this suburb has so much opportunity and it is just waiting like the pearl in the oyster.
Even the local takeaway is for sale. This could be the place that becomes your bush change and you become self-employed to boot and be in the front seat to watch this area’s vibrancy and worth increase.
If you are an investor it may be wise to consider investing in this relatively quick connection to Sydney before the prices increase as there is no doubt that Leppington’s time is finally upon us.

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