Ignore Property Hot Spots to Get a Low Priced Bargain

When it comes to investing, whether it be in property, the share market or in any other commodity, getting the timing right can be the difference between snapping up a bargain and paying far more than an item is worth. “Buy low, sell high” is the mantra of the stock market, but as any serious investor will tell you, knowing the right time to buy or sell is not as easy as it sounds.

Is Timing Really Everything?

As property prices in most Australian capital cities have continued to climb in and around the CBD areas, pundits have been predicting a sharp downwards price correction for several months. The market and the buyers have ignored their opinion and continued to buy, which shows that even the experts can get the timing wrong.
Sometimes it is best to ignore timing and look in a different place away from the hot spot areas to find a property at a much lower price. At Prudential Real Estate in Campbelltown we have a range of properties on the market that are well presented and priced to sell. We believe there has never been a better time to buy, with interest rates still at record low levels.

Every Facility Available in Outer Suburbs

Suburbs around the CBD areas of the capital cities are being actively targeted by investors because of their proximity to employment and services. However, there are many suburban hubs in areas away from city centres that also have access to employment and services. Shopping, schools, sports facilities, parks, entertainment areas and medical services are all available in outer areas.
In the areas serviced by our agency, every facility a modern family or investor could want is available, but the price of a unit, villa or family home is half that of properties close to the city. These are areas that are perfect for investors who are looking for good rental returns and the opportunity to grow their portfolio without a crippling mortgage debt. They also offer first home buyers the opportunity to start their property journey with units very popular in this demographic group.

There is No Time Like the Present

There are also luxurious properties in Campbelltown listed with Prudential Real Estate in the same area that would be well out of the price range of many buyers, just as those close to the city would be. The point is that rather than wait for the perfect time, or for prices to fall, if you are a potential buyer with a good deposit and a home loan already organised, start looking for something in your budget range.
With the help of our VIP Property Alerts, suburb profiles and home buying tips, you will find a low priced property that suits your needs in an area every bit as desirable as the heart of the city.

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