How to secure the best tenant to take care of your investment property?

Making the decision to purchase an investment property is a sizable one. Faced with the up-front costs of a mortgage, taxes, insurances, property management service fees and repairs, it is important to attract the best tenants to lease your home and keep it in a great condition.

So how do you ensure a great tenant leases your property?

Other than employing the services of an experienced local real estate agency to manage your property, a clean, tidy and well-maintained property priced at a reasonable rent will appeal to great quality tenants.
As a general standard here at Prudential Real Estate we advise our landlords to present their property in the best manner possible to attract the right tenant. Poorly presented properties run the risk of failing to attract good tenants, leaving only less qualified tenants to apply.

Here is a quick checklist to help you present your property at it’s best:

Spruce up all around the home. Keep lawns and shrubbery trimmed and free of clutter.

  • Keep the garden beds weeded and mulched.
  • Fill potholes in your driveway and tidy up walkways
  • Clean off your outdoor entertaining areas
  • Clear everything out of the garage (and we mean everything!)
  • Straighten gutters, the mailbox, the fence and other things that sag
  • Fix doorbells, tighten loose doorknobs, and oil squeaking hinges
  • Repair broken/cracked windows and shutters

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