How to Beat Investors to the Right Property

Have you ever found the perfect dress?
You know, the last one in your size? And then you have hidden it at the back of the rack in the hope that it will still be there when your return the next day – only for it to be sold!?!
Yuk! Property buyers feel the same when a savvy investor beats them to their dream home. As real estate agents, we see this every week.
But what can you do to make sure you get the home you are after. Here’s three quick tips that will ensure your success next time you are in a battle with another buyer.

Do your research!

To draw on an old adage ‘ the early bird gets the worm’. Creating a plan of action will allow you to narrow down your search to specific suburbs and properties. This will help you make an offer without hesitation.
Research different areas, suburbs, local amenities, scan through current listing on REA and Domain and conclude the average market price of what you are looking for whether it be a townhouse, unit, duplex or traditional starter home.By collecting this information it will help you to create a plan of action as to what type and size of property you are looking for in what areas and for what price.
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