Help For Tenants – Information On Rights And Responsibilities

The relationship between landlord and tenant should be one that is mutually beneficial to both parties, with the dwelling owner earning an income from their property, and the tenant having a place to call home. Most of the time, this is what happens, but for the times when it doesn’t, there are laws in place to protect both parties.

Property Managers Must Know Tenancy Related Laws

Our role as property managers in Sydney requires us to have a thorough understanding of these laws. Prudential Real Estate has specific responsibilities to the owners who have entrusted their properties to us, and we also have obligations to the tenants living in those properties. Our staff members need to know these laws and the processes surrounding them, which are all subject to scrutiny by the relevant state authorities.
The first document a new tenant is most likely to encounter is a Residential Tenancy Agreement, which should be accompanied by a Property Condition Report. This is the legally binding agreement between both parties that sets out the terms and conditions of the tenancy.

Various Sources of Information Available for Tenants

However, it is not the only source of information as there are several other ways people can familiarise themselves with tenancy laws. We have some information available on our website for people looking for a rental property in Sydney and other information for tenants who have already moved into their home. Some of it is generic and some references our own systems and processes.

Tenancy Facts Sheets on Line

Aside from our contribution, the Tenants Union of New South Wales has a number of fact sheets on their website available by topic, and covering almost every tenancy situation, with guidance on how to deal with most issues, including strata living. These are also available in languages other than English.

Tenants’ Rights Manual – NSW

They have also produced a comprehensive publication called “The Tenants’ Rights Manual – NSW” that is available in both printed and online versions. Not only is it an excellent resource for tenants but also for people who work with tenants such as community workers and property managers.

Keeping up with Changes Essential to Providing a Professional Service

It is useful for us because it allows us to see issues from the perspective of the tenant, and it helps us provide another dimension to our staff training program. As the laws and regulations change to reflect the changing living situations of our society, we need to keep up with these changes so that we can provide a professional service to our property owners in Sydney and our tenants.
We also have access to this information from our own professional bodies. However, as we are literally the “meat in the sandwich” in this owner/tenant relationship, we believe that taking in new information from every available source helps make us better at what we do.

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