Glen Alpine

With a population of over 4,000 residents, Glen Alpine is situated 56km south west of the Sydney CBD. The suburb is named after a home built by a resident back in the early 1800s, which burnt down early in the 1900s. Starting out as a golf course estate, the suburb was gradually built up around the design of the golf course, and then sprawled toward the MacArthur shopping centre. Later additions were a tennis complex and a local shopping centre. The house blocks in this suburb tend to be quite large and the area is considered to be upmarket, with many homes having private swimming pools and tennis courts.
The homes in this area of real estate Macquarie Fields are quite grand and large in size emphasising their upmarket standing. Most of these homeowners are wealthy people from English backgrounds. The name of Glen Alpine for the suburb was approved officially in 1976. Growth of the suburb suffered delay due to the inability of the Water Board of NSW to provide sewerage for the area for ten years. Predictions have been made that by the time the suburb is complete it will contain 1200 homes. Whether this prediction will come true or not is yet to be seen.
The majority of homes in this area are privately owned or in the process of being owned so homes under property management Sydney would be a rarity. Many of the streets are named after the old homesteads and farms that were in the area before development began adding a heritage flavour to the suburb. Glen Alpine has a shopping centre, and is not far from the McArthur shopping centre as well as having other centres in neighbouring suburbs. A short drive to the city will take care of any items not available locally.
School aged children will find it necessary to travel to neighbouring suburbs for educational facilities as Glen Alpine has none of its own. Fortunately they are not a great distance away in Sydney and can be reached in a short time by car or bus. There are a few parks (reserves) around the area for taking the kids out for a game of ball, or going for a bit of a jog. A family outing on the weekend to the park isn’t a bad idea either, a good way of spending quality time together. As this is a relatively new suburb there is not a lot of information available at the moment but more can be acquired by contacting your nearest real estate agency.